Toughen family owned small business through digitalisation and ownership.  

Benjamin Walter founder of myera
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About myera


myera employees highly motivated Queenslanders. Providing location independent working conditions, learning opportunities and crucial skills for their future.


A location independent team of Queensland tech enthusiasts. Excited by technology and doing our part to maximise the upside for Australian family owned business's.


With workflows, best practices and excitement. We function across countless platforms, assuring your business is present, predictable and secure.


Toughening family owned small businesses will assure local communities continue to thrive.

About You

Business owner

Hard working, family orientated business owner. Time and money is of the essence.


They're demanding and constantly changing their digital habits. Along the way they leave clues about what their evolving needs are. Digitalisation brings your business to them.


Website/eCommerce, social media, customer relationship management and business software. Not your strong suit. We research, write, secure, photograph, film and develop your digital assets while you maintain 100% ownership over them.

Online Security

It's a jungle in the cyber world. We keep things simple and assure your business and its valuable data is kept secure by following industry best practices.


Digitalisation is happening rapidly. We're here to transition Aussie, family owned businesses to an ownership first digital model. All without compromising your day-to-day operations.

Small business is the heart of Australia. We bring digital innovation to you

Top of Glass House Mountain Sunshine Coast
View from Lucinda - across Hinchinbrook Island
mountain sunrise Beerwah, taken by myera
Looking off a rooftop in Spring Hill, Brisbane

View from our offices

We're at home across Queensland. Working location independent to bring industry leading digitalisation services to small business's.

Time saving service for Australian small business owners
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