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A Queensland based team of creatives, leveraging technology to save independent small business owners time and money.

We develop and secure small businesses online presence. 


Your Business.

A product of your hard work.

It deserves an accurate and complete online representation.

Digital infrastructure is secured, optimised and managed to bring you new customers and practical insights.


Your Customers.

They’re demanding and constantly changing their digital habits.

Along the way, they leave clues about what their evolving needs are.

We comprehensively manage your online presence, assuring new local customers can find you online. 



Your Technology.

Social media profiles, website, online store and current customers.  

We research, write, photograph, film and manage your digital assets. While your business maintains 100% ownership over it.  

Transitioning your business to the digital age.




Myera Business Marketing


Est. in 2015, Myera had one simple goal. Assist small business owners to reclaim time and save hard-earned money.

Myera recognised the burden of digital marketing and online presence management on small business owners. The ever-changing landscape and money thirsty consultants left most small business owners with a bitter taste in their mouth.

Co-founder and passionate marketer Benjamin Walter summarises:

“While many digital agencies are looking to extract as much value out of a relationship with a small business, by boxing them into their services, we were just trying to build a service small business owners love and trust.

Over the last five years, we’ve evolved a monthly retainer that suits all budgets. The cornerstone of our service claims your small businesses valuable data, optimises its online presence and communicates to your local community exactly what you offer.

The best part?

You retain 100% ownership of your businesses online presence. Which is becoming increasingly valuable, especially when introducing new product/services or selling your business.”


Your local external marketing department

We’re a digital agency for Queensland small business, with 100% remote working conditions.

We invest in our people over office space.

Our sole purpose:

Save Australian independent small business owners time and money by developing and managing their online presence.

Myera 2015-2020 ABN 65 720 457 916