Digital profiles, website and core infrastructure is secured, developed and managed by our Queensland team

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How it works

01 Onboarding

We visit your business for a short discussion. Our excitable team member/s will run through a quick onboarding questionnaire. We then head back to our Queensland office (likely a beach or forest location) and use myera's collective brilliance to strategically secure your businesses future.

02 Reseach and development

Research is conducted to identify relevant data, including - digital vulnerabilities, digital marketing opportunities, industry research and competitor/s. This forms the groundwork for your online identity and is an exciting report you can access at any time.

03 Online Identity

A comprehensive digital representation of your business is designed, built and integrated by our local team. This includes; website development, digital marketing campaigns, content curation, automation and customer relationship management. We roll it out and manage it, so you don't have to.

04 What sets us apart?

All-in-one, month-to-month, digitalisation service. Including; website, digital marketing, SEO, graphic design and information security. Saving small business owners time and money by providing predictive technology solutions at an affordable price.

05 No lock-in contracts

We want to see Australian businesses thrive! All secured and developed digital assets are yours, no string attached.

We have the answers to your questions

How much does it cost to digitalise my small business?

Pricing varies depending on business location, industry, size. Our monthly pricing starts at $99pm and includes ongoing SEO, website management, annual digital marketing, security and research report.

How do you manage digital security?

A password manager is integrated, where all platforms and accounts use unique passwords with one master password controlling everything. Different levels of access can be granted to different employees. Sensitive data is identified and protected through multi-factor authentication. All websites operate through https:// encryption and customer data is managed independently from the business identity.

How long does the digitalisation process take? 

Digitalisation takes six months from the time of onboarding. Depending on the depth and complexity of existing infrastructure for larger organisation (5+ employees) digitalisation will take from 6-12 months.

Where is myera based?

Our team is based throughout Queensland! We've been location independent since before it was cool. The money we save from rent, goes into education, innovation and community initiatives.

Can I work for myera?

Our team of skilled individuals is constantly growing. If you fall into this adapted quote from Jack Kerouac's - on the road, say hey! "The only people for myera are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing. But burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars."

We don't have the answer to your question? 

Send us an email, contact us through a social channel or check out our digitalisation information page.

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